Sell It With One Call, One Buyer, One Day Call


Selling a vehicle, whether car, van, truck or SUV, can be a major headache consisting of strangers coming to your private space to consider buying it, you being taxed answering inexplicable queries in person and on telephone, and the registration red tape for authorities. Smog compliant?

Cash for Cars has representatives in San Mateo! You need make just one call to our staff to receive our quote for that old junker in the backyard or your mother's pristine deVille. Our representative comes to you to retrieve the car and pay the agreed upon quote usually in the same 24 hour period. Why advertise in classifieds or other publications and then attempt to tie yourself to your phone and driveway with a sign, ''Buy My Car, PLEASE''? Let our company do what we do best, which is buy your vehicle the same day you contact us and immediately remove it from your property whether running or dead in the water. No dickering, missed appointments, auto registration problems and no concerns about stranger-danger.

How Do We Do This?

Our company's only business is buying used cars, junk cars, and trucks ready for the scrap heap, if that is all you have to offer. There is no other headache free way to sell a vehicle you no longer want. We handle any towing, DMV paperwork and hand you the money.

Why Sell to Us?

There are limitless reasons owners contact us to purchase their car:

  • Can't afford to repair
  • Divorce settlement
  • Revoked Driver's License
  • Cannot Afford Auto Insurance
  • Excessive gasoline hog
  • Moving Cross Country, selling older vehicles
  • Eyesore for self and neighbors
  • Magnet for Criminal Activity, Vandalism
  • We have connections. We work very closely with companies like Cash For Cars in El Cajon who can help you sell, even when we can't.

Owner Questions You May Have

How Long Does it Take to Get My Car Picked Up?

In most cases we can have someone to your house within 24 hours.

Do I Need a Title?

A title is recommended but without one, make sure you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration.

Do I Need My Registration?

Registration is not required to pick up your junk car, but may be if you do not have a title. Let us know when you call that you are missing your registration and we can tell you if a replacement is necessary or not.

Will You Charge Me for Anything?

We charge no fees for anything. We initiate towing & take care of all charges.

When Do I Get Paid?

We pay you immediately.

Do I Have to Be There for pick up?

If the required paperwork is present in the vehicle or has been provided to us, then no, you don't need to be present unless your vehicle is in a locked or closed space to which we need access.

Do I Get a Receipt?

Receipts are offered by the junk car towers. You should request a receipt.

What if I have Multiple Cars That I Want Removed?

If you need multiple vehicles removed, advise us, we will include them all in the quote and make sure your removal expert has resources to pick them up.

Time for Your Action

Contact our company today at (650) 517-6445 and request a quote to buy your used vehicle. That is all you need do other than pocketing the cash. A representative located nearby will come to remove the vehicle and pay the purchase price.